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Amazon FBA Prep Center and Storage for Wholesaling, Arbitrage, Private Label, and More!

 Starting at $0.35 per Unit!

Prep Center USA

Prep Center USA is a company based in Maryland, United States. We provide quality Amazon FBA prep services for all your products and will work with you directly to ensure that your needs are met. Our goal is to ensure that your products reach Amazon swiftly and without issue. 

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Maryland, United States

About Us

Direct Communication

Throughout your use of our prep service, we will maintain direct lines of communication with you with daily updates through email or text, so that you have real-time information about your products, up until they reach an Amazon FBA Center or other warehouse. If you have any concerns or questions, you can email or text us directly and we will respond within 24 hours.

Amazon Compliant

With Amazon standards constantly changing, packaging and labeling is a headache for each product. Lucky for you, we stay up-to-date on all of it! Our prep process is very thorough and follows the guidelines set by Amazon. This minimizes issues before and after your products reach an Amazon FBA Center, allowing you to focus on growing your eCommerce business while we take care of the rest!


Head Office (USA):

6124 Rippling Tides Terrace Clarksville, MD 21029

Sub-Office (UK):

12 Constance Street London E16 2DQ

Maryland, United States

The FBA Prep Process

 We offer two services, FBA Item Prep, and FBA Carton Prep. These services are cost-effective and convenient ways to prep your items for Amazon FBA. Here is the process for our FBA Item Prep Service:


1. You start by sending us inventory to our location, 6124 Rippling Tides Terrace, Clarksville, MD.

2. We inspect and prep your cartons and items so that they follow Amazon FBA guidelines and regulations. This ensures that the delivery to Amazon goes smoothly.

3. We repackage your items and apply the provided labels to your cartons. The cartons are then shipped to an Amazon FBA warehouse where your items can be sold.


What if I dont need prep?

No Prep? No Problem!

If you have everything ready to be shipped to Amazon, we can help you with that as well! This falls under our FBA Carton Prep Service. We will simply receive your cartons, ensure they meet Amazon weight and dimension requirements, and ship them to Amazon! If needed, we can also apply shipping labels.

Want a quote? Use any of the contact forms found on our website. We also offer cost calculators so you can calculate total costs right on our website!


24hr Product Prep – Standard Unit


Inspection – Free

Label – $0.35/Unit

Polybag/Bundle – +$0.35/Unit

Shrinkwrap/Bundle – +$0.35/Unit

Bubblewrap – +$4.00/Unit

Includes Reinforced Cartons

Bundling: $0.70/bundle 

Carton Forwarding: $3.00/carton

Please contact us for additional requests.


We will:

  • Inspect your products to ensure they meet quality standards.
  • If ordered, package your products using quality shipping materials.
  • Label your products with High-quality labels utilizing Laser-Printing.
  • Ship your products to Amazon FBA Centers or your desired warehouse.
  • Email, Text, and/or WhatsApp you Realtime Updates.

All within 24 hours.


If your shipment has less than 5 items/carton, you will have to pay carton forwarding.


Plan on sending your inventory after a few weeks?

We provide 2 months of free storage.


We accept:


  • Square (Recommended)
  • Paypal 

Product Storage

$0.50/Cubic Foot per Month

(2 months) FREE if Item Prep is also Needed!


  • We will store your products in our secure warehouse.
  • Products are stored keenly to ensure that no damage occurs, and so that we can transport your products on demand.
  • Store part of your inventory at our warehouse to save on expensive and unpredictable storage fees.

Contact Us

Please use this form to Create an Account or for any Questions.



How do I start a shipment?

If this is your first shipment with us, please contact us so we can create an account for you.

What’s your warehouse address?

6124 Rippling Tides Terrace
Clarksville, MD 21029

How are shipments organized and updates given?

We use Google Spreadsheets to show current shipments, their status, and price.

Can you log in to my Seller Central and manage the whole process?

Definitely! We can create shipments, get item specifications, and ensure that your items reach an Amazon warehouse without issue.

Do you handle returns? How?

Yes, we can handle all returns from our FBA Prep customers free of charge! Please contact us for specifics.

Sell on another site? Contact us and see your options.


We offer services for other outlets such as eBay, Walmart, Target, etc. Due to our experience with Amazon prep, we highly recommend you try our service. Contact us to see what we can do and for pricing.