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24hr Product Prep – Standard Unit


Inspection – Free

Label – $0.35/Unit

Polybag/Bundle – +$0.35/Unit

Shrinkwrap/Bundle – +$0.35/Unit

Bubblewrap – +$4.00/Unit

Includes Reinforced Cartons

Bundling: $0.70/bundle 

Carton Forwarding: $3.00/carton

Please contact us for additional requests.


We will:

  • Inspect your products to ensure they meet quality standards.
  • If ordered, package your products using quality shipping materials.
  • Label your products with High-quality labels utilizing Laser-Printing.
  • Ship your products to Amazon FBA Centers or your desired warehouse.
  • Email, Text, and/or WhatsApp you Realtime Updates.

All within 24 hours.


If your shipment has less than 5 items/carton, you will have to pay carton forwarding.


Plan on sending your inventory after a few weeks?

We provide 2 months of free storage.


We accept:


  • Square (Recommended)
  • Paypal 

Product Storage

$0.50/Cubic Foot per Month

(2 months) FREE if Item Prep is also Needed!


  • We will store your products in our secure warehouse.
  • Products are stored keenly to ensure that no damage occurs, and so that we can transport your products on demand.
  • Store part of your inventory at our warehouse to save on expensive and unpredictable storage fees.

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